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My name is Regina Rexrode and as a creative, freelance graphic designer with over 20+ years of experience, I enjoy working with small independent publishers, as well as larger publishers and other companies who need a graphic designer. The importance of building a personal relationship with your designer is necessary as you put your trust into who will be handling your projects. You and your company deserve to know that when you assign projects to someone, they will treat these projects with the respect they deserve. 

Many small publishers wrestle with the following questions:

Are we happy with our current production process? Are there parts of our production process that we wish were different or could be easier? Is our company growing or are we feeling overwhelmed with more work than we have time or resources for? Is there anyone who we could trust to help?

Over the years I have worked with many different types of publishers and clients. The following list describes just a few of the ways they have benefited from my services. By reducing production pains, they have found time to spend working on new titles or other aspects of their business, rather than spending too long on one project.

  • Handled multiple projects at once with the ability to jump into new projects quickly and ensure their goals and deadlines were met.
  • Implemented new production processes to streamline the time it takes to meet printer deadlines and upload online assets in a timely manner.
  • Designed covers for clients.
  • Introduced new branding for books to be more engaging for the reader.
  • Innovation and creativity in developing new ways to handle both student and instructor versions during initial production of the assets for clients who publish for the education world.
  • Introduced interactive online resources for student with fillable PDFs.
  • Redesigned and streamlined product catalogs and transitioned them from a plain PDF file to an interactive online catalog to be more engaging to the reader..
  • Assisted clients with updating their websites with the knowledge and resources I have in WordPress to make their websites more up-to-date and easier for the visitor to navigate.

With a savvy graphic designer at your side, your company can deliver novel print and digital media that captivates and inspires its intended audience. A successful relationship aids in producing quality books/materials, which help to increase your brand and sales.

Book Design & Page Layout

Specialities include education books, both instructor and student books. In addition to printed books, since Covid, the need for online editions and interactive online fillable books for student editions have become one of my specialities. Experience with ePubs.

Print and Interactive Catalogs

Catalogs are a unique part of your company's market initiatives. Eye-catching design, smart layouts, and designed for your audience helps turn browsing into sales.

. Your catalog should stand out with an attractive layout that showcases your products and stories. Increase your sales or readership with interactive or shoppable catalogs, rather than just a boring PDF file. Engage your readers and buyers.

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General Graphic Design

Good marketing materials (flyers, brochures, ads, menus, etc.) make a lasting impressions on your customers. They enhance your brand and often provide a first look into your business.

Book & Cover Design

Graphic Design Services Offered

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large company or even an individual, I can help create a simple document or design a fiction or non-fiction book, or 300+ page text book that suits your needs.

We work together to ensure that the layout and design of your text fits keeping in mind the integration of both design with an approachable feel for your readers.

Satisfied Customers

Importance of Catalogs for your Business

A catalog is an important reference for your business. By allowing potential and current customers see your products and services. 

Benefits of Printed Catalogs

Benefits of Digital/interactive Catalogs

Client Experiences

I have worked with Gina for almost seven years, and I cannot say enough about her. She has helped the two companies I work for in SO many ways! In addition to her stellar desktop publishing work, Gina is constantly looking for new ways to streamline all processes. Not only has she helped our companies create beautifully designed textbooks/training materials, marketing materials, and websites, but she shows a genuine interest in helping our companies prosper and grow. Gina is a lifetime learner, always asking pertinent questions and offering to tackle new skills that will help our companies stay current and grow into the future. And…she does all this with a fantastic attitude and sense of humor! Do not hesitate to add Gina to your team. It will be the best decision your organization has made in a long time.
My latest book 40 Day Journey was a book I felt compelled to write to help people who are grieving after the loss of a loved one. After writing nine books, I swore I would never write any more. The last book was published about fifteen years ago. I hired Patti, a proofreader, to edit my book and she introduced me to Regina, who ended up being my designer and publishing consultant who worked directly with the printer. The entire experience was flawless, easy and moved along at an unprecedented, lighting speed manner. I am delighted with partnering with these talented women who made the project so enjoyable. Their work has exceeded my expectations. Because Patti and Regina made the process easy for me and met my deadline, I plan on resuming my writing career and will work them in the future.