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One of my first experiences with graphic design was when I attended Ball State University while pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Business Office Administration. The class I took was brand new to the department and it was called “Reprographics.” The professor didn’t know anymore about this new way of layout than anyone who signed up in the class.  We worked on a few Macintosh computers and learned about fonts and layout skills. After I made my first invitation to a party, I was hooked. I loved designing and page layout.

After graduation, I joined a small magazine publisher was took them from producing the magazine by hand to all digital within the first year. It was a big accomplishment for myself and the publisher.

I then welcomed a new challenge and accepted a page layout position at, what was then called, Macmillan Publishing (now Pearson). After a year or so, I advanced to their Production Training Department as a Layout trainer and was responsible for training all new hires in our department the ins and outs of how to layout books the “Macmillan” way. In addition, my teammates and I would all cross-train one another on proofreading skills and indexing skills.

I loved working there, but we adopted our first child and my priority became a lot different and so I took my skills home with me to continue to provide my services as a freelancer.

I have been offering my graphic design and page layout skills for over 20 years and since both of our children have now graduated and are living on their own, I have been able to open up and learn and grow my business in different types of digital content. 

They “why” I do this is because I love waking up and going to work to see what projects and who I can help each day. I feel extremely blessed that I am contributing to a variety of different type of clients and in various types of projects.  

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My husband John and I have been married since 1994 and we have raised two wonderful children, who are now out on their own beginning their careers. It’s hard to believe how fast time flies and in a blink of an eye they are graduating and moving out. Luckily, I am one for “Making Memories” and trying to capture all those special times to remember when they were young.

I’m sure most people can relate and remembers the days when you would lug around large camcorders on your shoulder, buy film and a nice camera, get the pictures developed, weed through the bad ones (that you paid for) and place the rest in a photo album with the intent that you’ll alway remember these moments in time. I also remember holiday (especially Christmas) when it was very common to just set the camcorder up on a tripod and let it roll to capture the whole morning. Secretly, we all wanted to get that one clip to send in to “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Well, chances are, if you are anything like me, these have been stored somewhere, pushed around, collecting dust in basements or attics, and every now and then we get that nostalgic feeling and we look at a few old memories. 

I started working on my own collection and transferring to digital format and getting organized so that my children will have them in a digital format and organizing them on an external hard drive for them to have later in their lives. Having the family history from both sides of the family, as well as, their own childhood memories.

I began talking with other people and soon realized that there are so many people out there that want to start this process but just can’t get started or have the time to do all the leg work to get it done. So, as a side hustle, I started helping others when there is some downtime in my regular work. I love bringing smiles back to their faces when they see or watch an old home movie. So, that’s why I am offering that service as well.

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