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About the Owner


My first experience with graphic design was at Ball State University around 1990. I was majoring in Office Information Systems and Office Administration. With that degree at the time, I would have looked for careers as an Office Manager and/or an Administrative Assistant. We learned all about the technology that offices needed at that time — fax machines, copiers, computers, printers, phone systems, etc. It was exciting to see all this new technology beginning to hit the market.

With one elective to fill, I enrolled in the first “Reprographics” class. The School of Business had just purchased a few Macintosh computers and this class was designed to teach about fonts and layout skills. No one really knew how to use this, let alone teach it. It was a blast to learn how to create an invitation to a party.

After college, I joined a small magazine publisher and I could take them to producing the magazine all digital the first year I was there. After fulfilling that role, I transitioned into one the biggest computer publishers at that time, Macmillan Publishing as a layout tech. I advanced my way up to become their Production Layout trainer for the department. I, with two other teammates, we wrote and created a six-week course for all new hires.

My life shifted a bit when we began having children and I was lucky enough to have a skill that I could work from home in a freelance capacity. So, graphic design has been my passion and I am blessed to still be able to provide professional work for so many different types of clients.

Software Knowledge

Soft Skills


I have been married to my husband, John, for 25 years. We have two children. Our son is currently entering the U.S. Marine Corps. Our daughter is in high school and keeps us busy attending her theater performances and choir concerts. 

Like everyone else who remembers the days when you would lug around large camcorders on your shoulder, buy film and a nice camera, get the pictures developed, weed through the bad ones, and place the rest in a photo album with the intent that you will always remember these moments. I also remember holidays (especially Christmas) it was common to just set the tripod up and let it roll. You never knew when a “Funniest Home Video” moment may occur.

Well, chances are, if you are anything like me, these have been stored somewhere, pushed around, collecting dust in basements or attics, and every now and then we get that nostalgic feeling and we look a a few old pictures.

I have been working very hard on my own collection by transferring them all to a digital format and organizing them on my hard drive for my children to have later in their lives, having the family history from both sides of the family. In addition, they have their own childhood memories that are in a photo albums that I am transferring over as well. 

I began talking with other people and soon realized that there are so many people out there like me who want to do this too, but have no idea where and how to start. Plus, they just don’t take the time. I have figured out how my “tech” self and my graphic design skills can be transferred to this type of work as well. 

I am a people person and love to bring smiles to faces when I watch them seeing their old photos again for the first time in a long time.

Volunteer Work and Projects

Location is everything

As a Freelancer, it’s wonderful to have clients all over the country. I have been known to visit my clients to ensure projects are going as scheduled. It is also very important to me to build a face-to-face relationship wit the clients I serve.

Regina Rexrode, Owner & Designer — 317-509-1889

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