Book & Graphic Design

Make Every Design Project Count

Book Interior & Cover Design

Depending on your needs, you may already have a cover idea in mind, or need to work with someone to help create the right one for your book. I offer design services for any kind of book.

Book Formatting

Book Formatting is very useful to help the layout of the book itself go very smothly. This is usually done in MS Word and certain style codes are assocated with headers and body text elements. When this is done correctly and in the pre-production process, the actual production process results in less time cleaning up a lot of unwanted characters, etc.


The ebook sort of takes on different definitions depending on who you ask. We typically think of ebooks as the ones that we buy off the internet, such as Amazon, but many people consider a pdf file of their book an ebook too. Depending on your end game, I can help you with any type of ebook project.

General Graphic Design

Small businesses still need many types of marketing materials, employee handbooks, manuals, both print and electronic, such as logos, flyers, brochures, menus, business cards, mailers, etc. I am capable of handling any one off projects that you may have in this area.


The majority of these covers are from one client who publishes Accounting Textbooks. We are beginning to transition some of these printed books into digital ebooks and interactive PDFs for the professors and students as many classes are starting to transition to online environments.

Interior Book Designs

Interior design for books and other materials is primarily where most of my time is spent. By working with my clients, we discuss colors, fonts, target audiences, and branding. I also help teach my clients about Paragraph and Character styles and how to properly format their manuscripts in MS Word to optimize the speed of the initial layout process. There is a lot that goes into putting a book together than most people think. 

One particular client had five books that had all been done in MS Word. Each required a student and an instructor version. There were many unique forms and tables that MSWord did not handle well. The person doing the work would take days to produce an instructor guide, as well as, a student book. It was not an efficient process and the books looked very boring for both the instructors and the students. Through trial and error on processes and design, we ended up taking the original, unformatted Word file and brought it into Indesign, styled it and used an InDesign feature to create a student version and instructor version from the same file. Thus, eliminating two separate files that would need to be edited in the future. 

The first flipbook gives you an idea of what it looked like before and the second and third ones give you an idea of what the Instructor and Student versions look like now. The Student version is completely a fillable interactive PDF for online use. It could be printed, but they wanted their students to use it online. 

Original MSWord Book

New Instructor Guide Version Sample (Has answers embedded where students would fill in answers.)

New Student Version Sample (Fillable PDFs)

Accounting Textbook


Along with other general Graphic Design projects such as newsletters, company stationery, marketing materials and mailers, these are some fun logo projects that we have done.