Since around 2014 or so I’ve been working on learning how to design websites using Dreamweaver and trying to hard code everything. I didn’t do too bad, but it was very complicated. I pick up new software and concepts fairly quickly, but I know I barely scratched the surface of the features Dreamweaver had to offer back then. My typical response when learning something new is to ask, “now what is it doing in the background?” I seem to lean more on the side of the actual “nuts and bolts” of how things end up looking the way they do. I started to really learn this concept when I worked at Macmillan Publishing back in the early 90’s. I learned that there was a “correct” way to layout out pages so that anyone could pick up where another layout tech left off and it would be unclear who did what because everyone was following the same layout rules. To the reader the book may look good on pages, but in the actual file where all the real work goes in, it could be a complete mess and we wanted to avoid that at all costs.

This was further drilled into me when I taught technology to elementary students for five years. We had a large chuck of the year dedicated to learning how to code. It was a blast and I, along with the students, learned so much about what “under the hood” meant, which is all the coding behind how websites work. Same is true for website building when using drag and drop plug-ins like Elementor Pro.

I have designed, edited, deleted and revamped my website so many times I can’t even count. Most recently I decided to use WordPress because that seems to be the standard and with a plug-in called Elementor Pro, it makes it a lot simpler because there is no hard coding, but there are a lot of similarities to laying out a book correctly. I have taught myself everything I know thus far. Well, that’s not really fair to say because I have found a lot of great YouTube channels that teach you just about anything you want to know. However, there are some that are better and than others and I stumbled upon a great channel called LivingWithPixels. This guy is great. Fantastic teacher and he taught me so many tips that I knew probably could have been done quicker or easier and he showed me how. This blog is proof of that. I think I will continue to stick with his channel so I can keep learning and learning so that I can offer my clients the best of what I can give them when designing a website.


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