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Your Memories Need to be Preserved and Protected & Enjoyed Again!

Who Needs to start Organizing & Digitizing Their Old Pictures and Videos?

YOU DO! One of the main reasons that people don’t take the time to organize old (and new) photos is that it’s overwhelming! There is usually “no time” to get to it. I believe that there is a misconception that it’s a “start and finish” project that can take place in a short period of time. This is just NOT happening! To be fair to yourself and your family history, great care and time needs to take place to make the most out of your Memory Collections.

We try and fool ourselves that we can do it alone and before we know it, there comes a family event that you go are going to to and you find yourself rummaging through house looking for the photos maybe leaving a mess where you’ve been. Then, when you do find them, unfortunately these photos never to return to their original place or photo album. 

Nobody needs to add more stress like this to themselves. Also, the peace of mind you will have knowing that all your memories are safely transferred and a backup system is in place for all of your photos which will also make it easier to locate for those special events.

Why do You Need to get Organized?

  • You already have a job and when you get home, you have no desire to start on such a big task.
  • Maybe you are a “techie” person, and you are a bit intimidated.
  • It’s overwhelming to think about, so you don’t.
  • Maybe you are a “pack rat” and don’t want to discard anything, so you are keeping EVERYTHING.
  • You’ve been wanting to get to this for YEARS and time just keeps passing by.
  • You are risking your photos safety NOW.

What is the Value to You?

I love photos and “Making Memories.” I believe if it was important at one point to capture a picture, more than likely you would like to see it again. Be honest, we don’t normally take pictures just to take them, or at least we didn’t back in the day because we invested money in buying the film and developing costs. However, we have to face it, there are still a lot of pictures that are just taking up space.

Most likely, you have old photo albums, loose photos all over the house, in drawers, shelves, in basement or attic? And, chances are you have the desire to do something but don’t know what or where to start.

We hire professionals for services such as landscaping, financial planning, accounting, interior decorating, physical health, etc. We tend to hire these type of professionals to guide you through a process or achieve a goal because they have the expertise and love for what they do, which eliminates stress and provides us with a one of the most valuable resources — your time! You are able to have piece of mind, that those old, falling apart photo albums, and stories known old by our aging relatives are going to be revived and in a digital format for to enjoy again! 

By allowing me to work with you, we set up a plan of attack to get your old photos and home movies converted to a digital format so you can enjoy them again in today’s social media world.

Tony, a senior citizen, had some old pictures of when he was in Korea during the War. I took them and scanned the front and back (which had his own handwriting of what the picture was) and used my graphic design skills to place these images into a new image for each photo. This was a wonderful way to see the photo and his cursive handwriting.

How I Can Help You?

  • Significantly reduced risk for loss, damage, or being destroyed by a disaster.
  • Scheduled time which is dedicated to this project so you don’t have to feel guilty about spending an hour or hour and half on a given task in order to reach the ultimate goal.
  • Permission to through away non-important or duplicate pictures. 
  • All photos and videos will be digital to share in today’s world on social media.
  • All members of the family would be able to have their own digital copies.
  • Set up a backup system to ensure your pictures and videos are not lost. 
  • Training offered to organize your new and current digital collection.
  • Ability to locate pictures easily.

How is this Accomplished?

  • Free 30 minute initial consultation to talk about your collection and what you would like to see as a final result. I will leave a few tips and methods for you to think about regarding your overall goal and plan.
  • From there we will schedule an hour meeting to really dive into the pictures that you have collected from all areas of your house. We will discuss a and develop a personalized plan that fits your needs.
  • After the consultation and I have gathered the right information of the project, I will provide  you with a quote for the services that will be provided.
  • The production process usually takes at least a couple of weeks (depending on the scope of the project) and final files will be delivered via a USB drive.
  • Follow up training and services will be then discussed. These may include: Backup Systems, Computer File Organization, Editing of videos.


Gather your most valuable family memories that you have in photos, negatives and slides? You can mix photos (loose or in albums), negatives and slides in one bundle.  

Choose the number of images that best fits what your needs.  We will scan, edit and return every one of your items plus all images in digital form on a USB drive (very large orders require hard drives).

If you have printed photos that are larger than 8×10, slides that are not 35mm, or negatives that are not 35mm, we can take special care of these through a Special Media order.

Special Media

Loose photos that are 8×10 or smaller, photos in albums, 35mm negatives and 35mm slides.  If your memories are captured on items that require extra attention or are of non-standard sizes, we can digitize these as Special Media.  Items that are part of Special Media include the following.

  • Scrapbooks or loose scrapbook pages
  • Printed photos or artwork that are larger than 8×10
  • Negatives: 110 format, 120 medium format, 126mm, 127mm, large negatives/transparency, 2.25 inch
  • Slides: 2.25 inch, stereo slides, 110 format, 126mm, 127mm

Video and Audio Tapes

Whether they are old videos of your childhood dance recitals, movies you made of your band using your jam box, or any other VHS or cassette tape, we can ensure that these are safely transferred to digital files.

Any video format (VHS, VHS-C, BetaMax, Hi8, MiniDV and Digital 8) or audio format (cassettes, micro-cassettes) to DVDs, USB flash drive, or other formats of digital files are able to be digitized.

You can start planning for how you’ll be sharing your new digital recordings with you family and friends.

Film and Audio Reels

While every item is special to you, film and audio reels are especially challenging it is for people to find and operate projectors, and what special joy will come with sharing these recordings in digital form.

The capture all kinds of film: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Super 8mm with sound, and 35mm is possible.

Regina Rexrode, Owner & Designer — 317-509-1889

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