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YOU DO! One of the main reasons that people don’t take the time to organize old (and new) photos is that it’s overwhelming! There is usually “no time” to get to it. I believe that there is a misconception that it’s a “start and finish” project that can take place in a short period of time. This is just NOT happening! To be fair to yourself and your family history, great care and time needs to take place to make the most out of your Memory Collections.

We try and fool ourselves that we can do it alone and before we know it, there comes a family event that you go are going to to and you find yourself rummaging through house looking for the photos maybe leaving a mess where you’ve been. Then, when you do find them, unfortunately these photos never to return to their original place or photo album. 

Nobody needs to add more stress like this to themselves. Also, the pease of mind you will have knowing that all your memories are safely transferred and a backup system is in place for all of your photos which will also make it easier to locate for those special events.

I personally love photoe and “Making Memories.” I beleive if it was important at one point to take the picture, more than likely I’d like to see it again to bring back that moment. However, if we are being honest, we still took a lot of pictures that we thought were big deals then, but now not so much. These are not taking up real estate in our homes, like attics, basements, closets, etc. Although we invested a good amount of time to have them all delveloped, there are still some very precisious memories that we’d like to hold on to and pass on to future generations. So, it’s time to transfer them.

Downsize, Organize, and Enjoy Again

It's Time for You to Preserve Your Old Memories

Most likely, you have old photo albums, loose photos all over the house, in drawers, shelves, in basement or attic? And, chances are you have the desire to do something but don’t know what or where to start. 

If you love your old photos and home movies like we do, let me help you start helping you organize this overwhelming task!

what can we do for you?

Printed Photos to Digital – Home Movies to Digital – Film 8mm to Digital – Slide Scanning – Audio Cassette Transfers – Digital Organization Training

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Audio Cassette to Digital

Great care is taken to carefully capture the audio from both sides of your cassette. Then the digital audio file is cleaned using software to reduce and remove the hiss and hum, common to most consumer audio tapes, to improve the quality of your final audio.

Digital Organization Training

So, now you will have your old photos and videos on digital format. Although I try to provide you with a complete inventory of your new digital files, you still may need some help on your own computer on an organizational system that best suits your needs. We can either work together through a Zoom meeting's "share screen" feature we can discuss a system that works for you.

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Success Stories


Tony viewing the scanned photos on his Smart TV.

This project was fun to do for Tony. Tony, a senior citizen, had a lot of old pictures from when he was in Korea during the War. I took them and scanned the front and back (which had his own handwriting of what the picture was) and used my graphic design skills to place these images into a new image for each photo. This was a wonderful way to see the photo and his cursive handwriting. 

Anna and Emma

They had over 15 VHS tapes that we transferred and then edited out each file into smaller clips according to events and dates that were on the original tape so they could locate special memories a lot quicker. 

We then uploaded these clips to their family memories Google Photos so they could access them from anywhere.

Disasters can Happen...

Transfer now before one Strikes your Memories

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